Top 10 Best Shares to Buy in India to Get Rich Quickly

Investment in stocks is not too complicated as it requires a basic understanding. People hesitate to invest in Stock Markets because of incomplete knowledge. Several analysis and data have shown that investing in Stock Markets have better results than any other traditional investments, such as Fixed Deposits, Monthly Income schemes, Public Provident Funds (PPF), gold, and much more.

One should understand that stocks generating returns are popular among investors because fundamentals like financial solid positions and management and buying microeconomic factors drive them. Investing in stores is suitable for all kinds of approaches.

To decide the best stocks to invest in 2022 in the Stock Market, one should keep in mind various parameters like cash flows, net profits revenues, and so on.

Factors to consider before buying the 10 best shares to get rich quickly

People and new investors are often interested in buying a company’s stock, but they lack proper information about how it could affect their portfolios. Sometimes, acquiring adequate knowledge about the company’s value is safe to know how long one should own stock. Some factors can help one identify better options and ignore those unsuitable for investment. A few of these factors are-:

1) Market Capitalization-

One should adequately understand how to use a company’s market capitalization. By doing this, one can prevent themselves from overpaying for an investment.

2) Profit consistency-

One should focus on consistency in profit while investing. You could consider an investment of great value if it gives the exact yield with a decreasing number of shares.

3) Short-term investments-

Some experts would suggest new investors focus less on short-term investments. But with the recent market movements, one can focus their money on short-term investments. One should seek short-term investments with favorable price-to-earnings ratios within a certain period, as they could prove beneficial.

4) SEBI Governance-

One should think thoroughly before buying stock from this stock market. To keep one investment and one’s practices safe, one should consult a SEBI ( Securities and Exchange Board of India), the registered stockbroker. It is so because this way, one would be securely dealing with stocks.

5) Selecting a suitable broker-

Choosing a broker who understands one’s basic investment needs is quite important. Before selecting a broker, one should consider a few key factors. During the process of investing in shares, one should keep the following factors in mind-:

6) One’s objectives and trading requirements

Fees and commissions

Trading and Account Restrictions

Some special features

Top 10 best shares to buy to get rich quickly

People of all ages interested in stock markets want to buy shares to get rich quickly in India. The year 2022 has seen growth in the stock market and the number of stock market investors. The stock market is directly proportional to inflation, geopolitical tensions, war, and interest rates. It has made the market volatile. During this, many stocks have given range breakouts, signaling buying interest in the counter.

Below mentioned are the top 10 best shares to buy in India to get rich quickly-:

1) Polyplex-

This talk has been following an uptrend. It has been trading in the ascending channel. Earlier, it reversed from the lower band of ascending channel. Observing indicators indicate that the positive momentum will continue in the stock. The recommendable option here is Polyplex.

2) Prestige Estates-

This stock has been trading with positive momentum. This stock has also reversed from the lower band of ascending channel. Positive momentum in this stock is directly there through regular market indicators.

3) Uflex-

This stock reversed after testing the previous support levels. It has also taken increased support levels.

4) Century Plyboards-

This stock’s price has witnessed a sharp upside breakout and closed higher after showing a range-bound action in the last few months. It could also be considered an upside breakout of a triangle-type formation. One may expect it to move upside soon as this is a positive indication. Its volume expanded sharply during the stock price’s upside breakout and proceeded to upper levels. Hence, one might expect further strengthening of upside momentum in this stock’s price shortly.

5) Spandana Sphoorty-

The sharp downtrend in the last few months of this year seems to be reversing upward in this stock price. A double bottom type formation was observed the previous week before showing upper movement this week—the volume and pattern signal the upside movement for the stock price ahead.

6) Dixon Tech-

With the broader markets, this stock has seen a price-wise correction in the last few months, and its prices have approached their long-term support zone. Currently, the stock witnessed some consolidation around the support, and the stock reflected an indication of forming a support base and continuing its momentum. The quantities on correction have been low while the price moves up from the supports have been higher, which is a positive sign.

7) Adani Transmission-

A commendable aspect of Adani Transmission is its price has moved out of a bullish ascending triangle pattern. The duration of this pattern is around six months. Thus, Adani transmission is on the verge of making a significant trending action. As a bullish breakout, a marked-up trend can emerge from its pattern breakout.

8) Polycab India-

Its price is often at a lower trading range. Hence, it is a bullish development as it’s the price is at a support level. In the last couple of weeks, price action is showing signs of revival at the base of the price structure. A series of bullish candlestick patterns were there in the last couple of weeks. At current levels, price action offers a good reward ratio as it is now at the lower end of the price chart.

9) BPCL-

After a short-term correction, the stock has formed a double bottom formation. The stock successfully cleared resistance and closed above the same, broadly positive. In addition, on daily charts, it has created a promising range breakout formation and a bullish candle that supports further uptrend from current levels.

10) Chambal Fertilisers-

After a short-term breakout, positive momentum in this stock intensified. On daily and intraday time frames, this stock has formed breakout continuation formation. Here, the texture of the pattern suggests an uptrend momentum.


The list above shows the Top 10 shares to buy in India to get rich quickly. Investing in the stock market can be risk-inviting and experimenting if one has never done it before. Stocks differ from saving accounts, money market funds, and certificates of deposit in which the principal value fluctuates. One should keep their eyes open and analyze these best stocks while considering investing. In the end, the one thing to remember is to invest in a suitable medium, as it can improve one’s financial condition. 

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